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Introducing: 'Cavalier Crossover' Podcast

As a part of the Football Alumni Network (FAN), we are excited to release a new podcast called 'Cavalier Crossover'. It’s made for our student-athletes and recent graduates to help them understand what different industries look like in the job market. Professional podcaster and UVA Leslie Bishop '96 has 12 interviews with former players detailing their career paths and lessons learned along the way. We are looking to help them move from on the field excellence, to excellence in the workplace.

These podcasts are “snack-sized” and are great resources for our athletes who are going 24/7. The goal is to have our players educated on the types of jobs available, and what they could be doing to prepare for a job in that industry. At that point the Football Alumni Network can help to connect them to alumni brethren in their respective industries.

Many thanks to our teammates that shared their time. First, to Bill Curry '93, who devised the series and made it possible. Then, to the men who were willing to be interviewed. We hope to add more alums and insights in the future.

Lastly, and most importantly, a big thanks to Leslie Bishop. Her energy and enthusiasm to help UVA Athletics is infectious. A quick listen will hook you!



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