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Remembering + Networking + Mentoring + Bottle Poppin'

Updated: Jun 13


The strength and evolution of this group in recent years has come from the growing number of you who have felt a calling and decided to answer. To return for an event, share your feedback, make a donation, rally your teammates, connect with a job seeker, mentor a greenhorn.

More recently a group of teammates felt a calling to consider how we honor teammates who have passed. A continuation of earlier conversations that saw the creation of a Memorial Fund and a yearly moment of silence via Hoo Vision at Homecoming. Below is a note that they asked us to share, and a call to action as you feel inclined.


Dear Brothers,

Over the last few years we have lost several members of the Virginia Football Family. Death is a given, but not everyone is the beneficiary of the unique experiences and relationships forged in the locker room and on the field at UVA. These are powerful, meaningful bonds that last a lifetime.

Recently, a group of out-of-town alumni discussed how best to honor all of our teammates who have passed. While the details of where we will go with this larger effort are yet to be determined (though we do have ideas, e.g., a flag carried to every game along with the American flag and Virginia state flag, or a memorial of some sort at the new facility), we wanted to ask for your support.

Please reply here if you're in favor of creating a tradition to honor our fellow brothers and consent to adding your name to a letter we will share with the Athletics Department and Football Office. The letter will simply be a declaration of our broader intent, and an invitation to work together toward a thoughtful and proper outcome.

Thank you.


It's an important topic, and one we suspect many of you have thought about. We know the current team has.

Case in point, earlier this spring students were met with surprise to see that Beta Bridge received an unexpected coat of paint; 528 days after the names of Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D’Sean Perry were first added. Teammates quickly assembled; a small, powerful act to declare that the memory of their brothers won't get washed over.

Networking + Mentoring

Our Professional Development and Mentoring programs continue to progress, with more and more of you participating and making an impact. Additionally, work is already underway on our third-annual Career Kickoff. We invite you and your workplaces to join for our marquee event of the winter.

We're pleased to rollout new sections of our site, which will serve as your go-to source for information and updates on these initiatives.

🔷 🔶 🔷 🔶

Save the Date


December 6-7



Bottle Poppin'

As you're likely aware, our program got the keys to its new home last week. It's a real beaut. While the square footage and countless shiny objects are certainly impressive, what may catch your eye more when you walk around is the amount of intentionality and thought that went in to telling the story of Virginia Football: the teams, the moments, the players and coaches, past and present.

The building is new and fresh, but not at all without personality. Among other details that stand out:

  • A team room, not "Generously donated by Mrs. and Mrs. Deeppockets," but rather in the name of "UVA Football Alumni and Family."

  • Position rooms adorned with notable Hoos who paved the way for others, and defining moments of each group.

  • Framed jerseys of Lavel, Devin, and D'Sean in the WR and LB rooms.

  • A map of the Commonwealth for all former players and Family to sign. Current players will encounter it as they pass through the building each day.

Per Coach Elliott: "For those that aren’t with us, today’s about you as well. The blood, sweat, and tears that all of you have poured into this university and this program has played a major part in our celebration today... I wanted the building to be timeless. I wanted to capture all different eras, to be contemporary enough to show the flash and the glitz and glamor as an area for certain recruits, but then also pay homage to all the guys that didn’t have an opportunity to walk through those doors today but laid the foundation for Virginia Football.”

It's a home our program can be proud of, and one that you helped build.

Some other good pics and words:


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