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Alumni Weekend recap + other stuff

Young, old. Black, white. Bigs, skills. Scout teamer, first-rounder. It was great to see so many of you come back—thanks for making the effort to be here. Representation was a little light from the Plains and Dakotas, but you otherwise represented coast-to-coast and up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Well done.

We hope it was worth your while, time, and expense to come back. We're biased, but we think it's the best we've ever "run the play." And we heard from several of you that it was an improvement over years past. We try. Your feedback is always welcome, so if there are things we should double down on, or change, please let us know:

We also heard repeated echoes of "Wow, I haven't seen you since graduation!" These sentiments came from the 70's. And the 80's. And the 90's, 00's, 10's, and 20's. We're glad you were able to reconnect as if little time had passed. We know some of you have already made plans to get together for coffee next week, or dinner with your families later this spring, or back for a game in the fall. Well done.

We also heard some of you ask how you can get more involved. Glad you asked. We've been crafting roles and opportunities through our continued partnership with a consulting group from Darden and we'll be looking to fill them throughout the spring and summer. More to come in more detail soon.

One such opportunity that 100+ of you have stepped into is that of a Mentor to a current player. What started as a pilot with 25 pairings last April has since extended to the entire team, with a waiting list of eager alums. Old and young met for a breakfast before the Spring Game; what a gift—to both sides—that these relationships exist and are beginning to deepen.

We also heard a handful of you ask: "Who's paying for this?..." Again, glad you asked. We're supported through your generosity.

We've deliberately held back from being too aggressive in this area over the past year+ as we considered and experimented with a structure that offered more opportunities, to more guys, for more connection and involvement; and regardless of where one lives, when they graduated, how many snaps they played, or what they do for a living. Between the social, professional, and relational outlets that now exist and have some history behind them, that structure is now in place. Thus we will be less bashful and more purposeful about how and why we support these pieces financially.

We'll share more in the coming weeks (another aspect of our Darden work), but if what you've been seeing and experiencing over the past year is resonating and you're inclined to give now, you can do so here. We're grateful for your support, and could not do what we do without it. Literally.

Pics or it didn't happen.

We got 'em. All 295. See here.

So what's up next?

Here's what you can expect to see and read about in the near future:

  • Continued development of our website. In particular, a more coherent articulation of our Club, and three main focus areas: Personal, Professional, Social.

  • Ways that you can participate in any of those, and specific requests to fill certain roles.

  • A note from a group of teammates who've been thinking through ways we might honor those who have passed.

  • Order of the Crossed Sabres and Hoos Making a Difference nominations.

  • Highlights from our Darden project.

  • Save the Date. We'll run it back at Homecoming: October 4-5 vs. Boston College.

  • Save the Date. 3rd Annual Career Kickoff. December 11-12.


Good work this past weekend, Team. Between your presence, effort, dollars, and time we're thankful for the ways that you support our Club and each other.


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