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Alumni Weekend registration / new website

Call your teammates, spat up your cleats, put your family and friends in the car, and head to Charlottesville April 19-20th for our annual Alumni Weekend. We've enjoyed fun reunions in recent years, and we hope that you'll join us for this one.

A few things to note about the weekend:

  • Lot's going on, so book your hotel now if you haven't already done so. We don't have any reserved blocks, but we've compiled a list of area hotels here.

  • Along with home contests for UVA Baseball, Softball, and Track & Field, Charlottesville will also be buzzing with folks returning for other notable events like Black Alumni Weekend, Days on the Lawn (for admitted HS students), and the Waterboys Charity Challenge. Many of you will be double-dipping, which is great—whatever brings you back.

A few things to note about this message:

  • You may have noticed that we're unveiling a new website. Tah-dahhh... This is the first time we're sharing it, and it's intentionally lite to start.

  • As our Club has morphed in recent years—more events, more recognitions, more avenues to connect, more of you accepting that invitation and stepping up—it became abundantly clear that we needed a better way to communicate and share information.

  • Enter Bryan Owen '99 and his creative firm, Between Pixels. A big thanks for providing the designs, technical guidance, and a lot of time—free of charge—that form the backbone of our site. This project was long overdue, and we greatly appreciate Bryan raising his hand, rolling up his sleeves, and getting it done.

  • Equally big thanks to undergrads Ronith Ranjan (4th year) and Charlie Meyer (2nd) from Forge, a student-led technology incubator on the Corner. We hoped to partner with local talent on the build, and these two guys were fantastic.

  • We'll be sharing more pages in the coming weeks. These will highlight some of the other happenings you may have heard of, but aren't quite sure how all of the pieces fit together. The new site will bring that picture into clearer focus.

Neither of these things—a spring reunion, a new website—would matter if you guys didn't care. If you weren't showing up, or lending your time, your insights, contributing some dollars, supporting each other. But we see all of that happening and we want to keep pushing it forward, and always in support of our mission: "To preserve and promote the history, traditions, and bonds rooted in Virginia Football by bringing together those who helped create them."

See you next month.



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