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A hard-hitting linebacker from Glen Ridge, New Jersey, MacGregor arrived on Grounds in 1964 and was quickly embraced for his work ethic and leadership. Described by teammates as “one of the finest, kindest, and most humble players who wore the blue and orange,” Malcolm became a three-year starter at linebacker for the Cavaliers. He was named as the lone captain during his fourth-year in addition to team MVP.

The perseverance, passion, and purpose that Malcolm brought to the game of football were not just characteristics of a good player, but the qualities of a good man—and the same character traits that he displayed during a long and rewarding career as a teacher and coach, including as head of the Language Arts department at Langley High School. In that calling, he passed along his passion for learning, service, and the University of Virginia to countless students and colleagues.

Malcolm passed away in 2019 after a long and courageous bout with cancer. His sister Heather Rabe and niece Shanon Abihkaled traveled from Texas to accept the award on Malcolm’s behalf.

Malcolm MacGregor

Alexandria, VA
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