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Don Flow grew up in Winston-Salem, NC, and in 1977 graduated from the University of Virginia where he received a BS in Commerce. In 1978, Don attended Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia and earned a Diploma in Christian Studies. In 1983, he received his MBA from Wake Forest University.

Flow went on to become chairman and CEO of Flow Automotive Companies, operating over 40 automobile dealerships in North Carolina and Virginia. Motivated by a deep understanding of a business leader’s responsibility to society, Flow has built a successful purpose-driven and people-centric enterprise that invests in the well-being of its over 1,500 employees and in the broader community of every city in which they operate.

He has worked most of the jobs in an auto dealership including technician, services, sales, back office and various management positions leading to his present position.

In addition to his community involvement through his company, Flow has been a driving force in the economic and cultural revitalization of his hometown of Winston-Salem, having led and invested in seminal real estate development, education, and cultural landmark projects that have elevated the city’s national profile.

He is chair of the Winston-Salem Open, chair of the Winston-Salem Alliance, vice chair of the Golden Leaf Foundation, and a member of the Executive Committee of Piedmont Triad Partnership. He also co-founded Winston-Salem Starts, a nonprofit working to retain young college-graduates and help local startup businesses in the city.

Don Flow

Winston-Salem, NC
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