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Since 1950, the Templeton family has owned and operated The Korner Restaurant at the corner of 9th and Cherry. Quick to serve up a smile and handshake as easily as they do a burger and a milkshake, the restaurant has become a mainstay in the community.

Since taking over in 1983, Phil, his wife Phyllis, and the rest of The Korner Family have selflessly served not only hungry locals, but also countless students and student-athletes, and coaches—forming deep relationships over good food and heartfelt conversations along the way. Former players are quick to visit Templeton when they come back to town.

All-American kick returner and NFL veteran Joe Reed noted: “Mr Phil has been a supportive piece of my life since I got to UVA in 2016 and is still an active mentor. He’s a selfless man and a staple of the Charlottesville community.”

Phil Templeton

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