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Paul Wisman was born in Edinburg, Virginia in 1925 and honorably served his country in the U.S. Navy during World War II. After settling down in Lynchburg, Wisman soon found himself driving up Route 29 on fall Saturdays where—alongside wingman John Risher—he served as a statistician for the University of Virginia athletic programs for over 58 years.

Wisman began keeping stats at VMI games in 1950 while teaching economics at the school. He came to Virginia for graduate school and hooked on with the stats crew in 1956. Wisman handled an NCAA “long sheet,” which he filled out by hand each Saturday, recording the result of each play and compiling individual and team offensive stats on the fly.

He missed one home game since: the 2011 season opener.

“I was sick,” he said.

Wisman passed away in May 2015. He was a man of great accomplishment and integrity, and will be remembered for his great devotion to his wife, Carrie, for over 65 years, in addition to his love for the Hoos.

And, as the story goes, having never spent a penny in the Tar Heel state. “I always figured if I spent any money down there that somehow part of it would end up filtering its way into helping Carolina.”

Paul Wisman

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