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Born in New Hope, Virginia, Betty Goodman spent 28 years as an administrator in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery with the University of Virginia School of Medicine. A few years after retirement, Goodman was asked to work part-time in the Athletics Ticket Office. She said yes and quickly became a ray of sunshine for all who passed by the ticket window in her seven years there.

Goodman, who’s husband Bob was a longtime equipment manager, selflessly served the University—and its student-athletes, coaches, and fans—for over three decades. From her office in the front of U-Hall, countless student-athletes were greeted daily by a beaming smile, big wave, and the sound of Mrs. Goodman’s ruler tapping on the window.

Dozens of football and basketball players became adopted grandsons during their years on Grounds, and the recipients of countless cookies, cakes, meals, and hugs. During periods of homesickness, trials, and triumphs, Mrs. Goodman selflessly filled a void in the lives of countless young men. Her warmth and hospitality extended long after graduation, with those grandmotherly relationships regularly extended to the children of “her guys”.

In 1997, Betty received an award from the Society of Purple Shadow at UVA honoring her for her commitment and contributions to the University. The Society said, “Mrs. Goodman, you are a beacon of joy to all those who come in contact with you. You have brought a warmth and happiness to the ticket office that is unprecedented. Forever seeing the bright side of each day, your positive attitude has spread like wildfire from the window you sit behind. Not only have you transformed the inside of the ticket office, but you have touched the hearts of most of the athletes at this University through your ever-present smiles and waves”.

Betty Goodman

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