The Senior Dinner has been a longstanding tradition of the Club and serves to welcome into the fold those players who have exhausted their eligibility. Held during Alumni Weekend, this event marks one of the first times that the Club can interact with this group of guys without breaking any rules. It’s an evening where the Club thanks them for their service to the University and the football program, asks them to reflect on their years and their friendships before they leave Grounds, and lets them know that the Club is here to help in their upcoming transition away from Charlottesville.

As is our custom, the new guys hear from a handful of alums as we share stories and reflections on our years in Charlottesville. As is also the custom, the Club will ask the same of each of the new guys.

This segment has become a highlight of the evening. To hear graduating players express gratitude for their experience and teammates, and to hear alums reflect on the same, is neat to witness and serves as a neat moment for those in the room. It becomes abundantly clear what football, Charlottesville, and certain relationships have meant to everyone.


There are two main ways that alums can participate in this annual event.

Pull up a chair.

    • The most obvious way is by your presence. Register in advance when Alumni Day communications are being sent out in the winter. While you should absolutely catch up with old teammates and relive the glory days, you should also make an intentional effort to sit down and get to know the new guys. This goes a long way. And don't think twice about lying about how big, strong, fast, tough, and good looking you were - they're too young to know the truth.

Pull out your wallet.

    • This evening is our gift to the graduating guys in that the Club always covers the cost of their dinners. To help us better steward the dollars that come thru annual membership dues, alums have an opportunity to "take the guys out to dinner" by sponsoring the cost of their meals ($50 per player, which also covers gratuity).
    • Participating alums will be matched with a graduate and are encouraged to offer a personal congratulations and welcome. This is a great way for those who live far away, and those who can't make it back for Alumni Weekend, to still participate in the weekend, support the program, and foster new connections.