It's common to talk about the "40 year decision" to attend UVA, recognizing that the window as a player is short and fleeting. As we then graduate, leave Grounds, and settle into our various paths, we seek to apply many of the lessons and virtues learned during our four short years at the University. In doing so, it's not uncommon for many in this group to consistently go above and beyond in the ways they serve and lead, and in the impact that's felt in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Some of that work happens in the public spotlight, though much of it is done behind the scenes.

Beginning this season, the Alumni Club seeks to recognize those among us who are regularly doing that good work.

Please take a moment to consider teammates or others in this group who fit that bill. Selected nominees will be recognized at each home game with a video and on-field tribute, similar to the "Hoos in the NFL" features that have aired for the past several seasons.


Anthony Harris

Richmond, VA

Malcolm MacGregor

Alexandria, VA

Charles McDaniel

Fredericksburg, VA

Bill Nelson

Camp Hill, PA

Ray Perkins

Richmond, VA

Mikell Simpson

Harrisburg, PA

Tommy Vigorito

Passaic, NJ


Ron Carey

Glen Allen, VA

Casey Crawford

Falls Church, VA

Harrison Davis

Hampton, VA

Don Flow

Winston-Salem, NC

Pete Gray

Alexandria, VA

Gary Ham

Roanoke, VA

Stan Land

Rockbridge, VA

Tavon Mason

Baltimore, MD

Kent Merritt

Charlottesville, VA

Frank Quayle

Hempstead, NY

John Rainey

Tazewell, VA

Ben Williams

Newport News, VA